Silver Forever! Dedicated to  bakpaocoklat & fuckyeahsilverpair
"Nachan~! I’ll make MORE! I have the information already, just a bit more time. I’ll show you how sweet both of them to each other :D!!"
Sorry, my flu is so persistent… More than two weeks and I still have it -___-“


Silver Forever! Dedicated to  bakpaocoklatfuckyeahsilverpair

"Nachan~! I’ll make MORE! I have the information already, just a bit more time. I’ll show you how sweet both of them to each other :D!!"

Sorry, my flu is so persistent… More than two weeks and I still have it -___-“

★ Happy Birthday to Hyoutei SHISHIDO RYOU  9月29日お誕生日おめでとうございます!! ALL THE BEST!!


PV Collection vol. 3 CM



RYOMA | He’s watching from afar as she politely excuses herself from the group before joining him again. “You’re too careless. That’s the third time this week you’ve been hit on.” She apologizes, hoping he isn’t too annoyed, before asking, “Ryoma-kun, you keep track of things like that?” His…

How would Tezuka, Yukimura, Fuji, Sanada, Shiraishi, Atobe be like if their girlfriend were to get sick thank you! And yay finally a tenipuri blog like this! ^^


Why is it I always write Yukimura best? //shakes fist.

TEZUKA | “You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.” He’s lecturing her more than her own mother, but she knew it was only because he was worried. She was thankful enough that he had brought over some food and even changed the towel on her forehead. He brushes her bangs aside and places the cold cloth; his fingers feel cool against her flushed skin. In a softer tone he tells her, “Get better soon.”

FUJI | Everything he brought was just what she needed at this time: bananas, some ice cream, hot compresses, and pain medication if she wanted it. That’s when he confesses that he asked his sister what could help with bad cramps and proposes they exercise together regularly from now on, as that could help some. She gets teary-eyed that he would go so far. “Of course, I’d do anything for you.”

ATOBE | He offers to bring in the best doctors and buy the highest-end medicine but she insists it’s only a little cold and he didn’t have to go that far. Instead, he visits the local convenience store and comes back with bags filled with soft foods and some cough syrup. She can’t imagine him stepping foot in there, let alone asking for help. “I imagined I’d be feeding you something decadent, not medicine. Here, ahhh.”

YUKIMURA | He spends the whole lunch break with her—making sure she’s okay, keeping her company, bringing some food—and tells her he’ll pick her up later to walk home together. She nods and pulls the infirmary sheets up to her chin. When he moves in for a kiss, she quickly stops him though, protesting that he’ll catch her cold that way. He laughs softly and removes her hand from his mouth. “At least I won’t be an idiot.*”

SANADA | Before he arrives, she gets a text from Yagyuu saying he wasn’t concentrating at all in class or practice; when he shows up there’s a light sheen of sweat and he’s still catching his breath from running. He holds up items he bought on the way but she smiles and tells him seeing him was enough. The look on his face is genuinely confused. “I don’t understand how, but I’m glad I could help.”

SHIRAISHI | He sighs as he opens another box of tissues for her. “If I knew about medicinal herbs instead of poisonous plants, I’d be more useful, huh?” Despite her stuffy nose affecting her pronunciation, she’s still quick to disagree, saying she wouldn’t change anything about him. The outburst momentarily surprises him and he eventually laughs sheepishly. “Honestly, I want to kiss you right now.”

*There’s a Japanese saying that only idiots don’t catch colds.

Welcome to tumblr! Could you do one where Fuji confesses to his long-time crush? Thanks~


Thanks! I’m still getting used to it, haha. xD

It was the first they heard of FUJI’s crush despite having known him for years now. While they’re excited, they also can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. “Why am I only hearing about this now? They sound like a great person! You should have introduced me to them.” He only chuckles a bit, seemingly troubled by the request. “That’s… a bit difficult.” They pester him that it shouldn’t be; they were his close friend and wanted to support him. “Then, here.” He pulls a picture out from his bag and they can hardly believe it—it’s a photo of the two of them from when they were young. “Meet ____, the one who’s held my heart all these years.”

Hyoutei boys make up with their gf after a fight


ATOBE | When she sees the fourteen missed calls, she finds herself dreading the walk to the tennis courts. The moment he sees her and shouts, “Oi!” she reflexively ducks her head, forgetting they ever fought in the first place. “S-Sor—!” He pulls her into his chest, tightly, murmuring into her hair, “Jeez, you had me worried. Don’t do that again, understood?”

OSHITARI | Once she answers the door, she considers slamming it shut again, but the smile on his face is… genuine. “I got this idea from one of my books,” and with a flourish, he pulls a modest bouquet from behind his back. There’s a slow-growing smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye. “You think it’ll work?” He shrugs at her. “What if I throw in a kiss?” 

MUKAHI | “Oi, ____!” Almost the whole classroom’s attention is averted to the door where he stands, absolutely red in the face. “I-I’m sorry, okay?! Let’s m-make out—make up!” She can’t help but laugh with everyone else and he flees, cursing Yuushi the whole way. “Wait, Gakuto!” He freezes and glances over his shoulder at her bright smile. “I’m fine with both!”

AKUTAGAWA | “____~” Despite the fact that she was eating lunch with friends, he intrudes on the gathering and promptly clings to her waist, laying his head on her lap. “I miss you and I’m sorry I got so mad… Can we make up please?” She’s embarrassed that he’s pleading so publicly, but it shows how much he means it and she gives in.

SHISHIDO | Several days after their fight, he excused himself briefly during practice to talk with her—honestly, they both needed the time to cool down. “____, about what I said—” When he notices the tears she’s fighting back, he sighs and places his cap on her head, pulling her into a hug so she could cry on his shoulder. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

OOTORI | It isn’t too long after that he feels terrible about raising his voice; he was very passionate, but never thought he’d be frustrated enough to actually yell. He finds her still sitting where they argued and the sight of her silent tears has his heart aching. His arms wrap around her waist and he rests his chin atop her head. “I’m sorry, ____-san…”

HIYOSHI | He’s pulling her along and she can hardly catch her breath between running and calling his name. Only when they’re alone does he stop. “I can’t meditate and when I play tennis I can’t concentrate…” Her eyes widen at his tone—he sounds sad—and it’s also plainly written on his face. “I lost my temper at you for no reason. Will you… forgive me?”

KABAJI | When Atobe can no longer stand the apologetic glances they’re giving each other, he leaves them both in a room to talk it out. “Um—” They both speak at the same time and try to let the other go first. Another heavy, tension-filled silence and then suddenly, “I’m sorry!” The synchronized apology and sheepish grins resolved their differences.


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How would Sanada, Yukimura, Akaya, Tezuka, Fuji, Eiji, Shiraishi, Atobe and Choutarou react to their girlfriend back hugging them? (Thank you a lot for making this blog. It's like a dream having an imagine PoT blog T^T That's all that I needed)


Thanks for the kind words <3

TEZUKA | He wasn’t expecting anyone at the airport so color him surprised when someone embraced him tightly from behind. “Okaeri!”* His body relaxes when he recognizes the voice and he turns, offering a soft smile to his teary-eyed girlfriend. A stray tear falls and he wipes it away, caressing her cheek as he answers, “Tadaima.”*

KIKUMARU | “Uwah!” He almost jumps out of his seat since she timed it perfectly with the movie. “Ahh, you scared me, nya~” Her response is to giggle and tell him that was the point—he doesn’t get angry, rather, there’s an evil twinkle in his eye. “Is that so…? How do you feel about this?” She screams as he jumps on her and begins a tickle attack!

FUJI | Another shutter click and the moment is captured. Just as he’s about to stand, arms wrap around his neck and he’s pushed down by the added weight. “Taking pictures of flowers again?” He smiles, not at all minding the intrusion and takes a moment to take in the scent of her perfume. “Well, I just found a much more beautiful subject.”

ATOBE | The roar of the audience chanting ‘Hyotei’ and ‘Atobe’ was deafening after his stunning victory—but more important than any of that was the singular “Keigo!” as he is tackled from behind. Her enthusiasm elicits a chuckle and he twists enough in her hold to pull her close by the shoulders, enough to place a kiss in her hair.

OOTORI | His muscles tense when she embraces him and he asks, “____-san? Is something wrong?” She loves that he still gets nervous from her touch and that he is always needlessly worrying about her. “Nope! I just wanted to remind you how much I love you.” The other thing she’ll never tire of his how easy it is to fluster him.

YUKIMURA | She wanted to catch him off guard for once and her plan was looking to be a huge success when he didn’t notice her behind him. “Guess who~” she sings as her arms wrap around his torso. Unfortunately, her plan not only fails—it backfires when he gives her a winning smile and answers, “The most beautiful woman in the world?”

SANADA | There are footsteps, fast approaching, and before he can even turn she’s got him in a tight embrace, pressing her face into his broad back. “Happy birthday, Genichirou!” she congratulates with a beaming grin. The blush goes down to his neck and he turns away out of embarrassment, left speechless just by her calling him by his name.

KIRIHARA | He offers to let her hitch a ride on his bike to school, but the moment she puts her arms around his torso, he becomes too self-conscious to pay proper attention to the lane. With each near-accident her hold tightens and his driving worsens—it’s nothing short of a miracle they arrive safely. “Sorry, I was really distracted!”

SHIRAISHI | A hand at his chin, he stands before his school’s gates wondering how he should pass through them that morning. A sudden force from behind propels him forward—“Ah!”—and he stumbles past. “Good morning!” Laughing sheepishly as he returns her greeting, he can’t help but think he wouldn’t mind starting every morning that way.

* (“Okaeri” and “Tadaima” are the Japanese equivalents of “Welcome back” and “I”m home”, respectively. Since I felt that the English phrases didn’t really fit well, I just wrote it in Japanese.)

What would happen if Niou tricked his girlfriend?


Sorry, I ran away with this. But, no regrets! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

She screamed when she saw the severed fake hand, and even more when his real one simply popped out from his sleeve. It takes NIOU a good moment to calm her down, but she’s still crying. He’s chuckling as he reasons, “It’s just a hand,” and she suddenly starts hitting him. “No, it’s not j-just a hand, because you’re s-such a tennis idiot and I know—you—you would’ve been crushed if…” He stops listening, partly because at this point she’s incomprehensible, and partly because he’s just shocked at how much she really cared for him. So, cupping her face in his hands, he places kiss upon kiss—on her eyes, her forehead, her nose, her lips—and adorns each of them with a sincere apology.